Research Funding

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This year, the CCCU is seeking proposals under one of two categories:

    1) Matching funds for coal-related research projects

    CCCU funds may be used as cost-sharing, or matching, funds for larger research proposals to outside agencies. In order to be eligible, the proposed research must be aligned with the research goals of the CCCU. For more information about research areas of interest, and to read summaries of current and past research projects, click here. The principal investigator listed on the proposal must be a Wash U faculty member. Requests from any faculty member will be considered, regardless of past or present support from the CCCU. The PI will be required to submit an annual progress report and make a presentation in front of the CCCU technical committee in June of 2014.

    2) Funding for hosting conferences or workshops

    CCCU funds may be used for activities that bring leaders together to Wash U to discuss and disseminate research findings and/or identify critical areas of future R&D in the area of Clean Coal Utilization. The format may be a conference or workshop, or a seminar given by a leading expert in the field. The topic of the conference or workshop should fall within the categories of capture, utilization, or sequestration of carbon dioxide produced from coal.

    Funding under both categories is available on a first come/first serve basis.