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Ramesh K. Agarwal
S. Benson, advisorStanford
Numerical Modeling and Simulation of CO2 Sequestration in Saline Aquifers
Richard Axelbaum
S. LiTsinghua
Air-Fired and Oxy-Combustion of Coal and Biomass to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Pratim Biswas
K. IyerIIT-Bombay
A.K. SureshIIT-Bombay
Carbon Dioxide Capture and Conversion in Different Modalities (Conventional and Oxy-Coal) of Coal Combustion Systems
Mark Conradi
S. HayesWU
P. SkemerWU
Development of State-of-the-Art NMR Spectroscopy and Imaging for Utilization and Sequestration of CO2
Daniel Giammar
P. BiswasWU
J.G. CatalanoWU
A. DikshitIIT-Bombay
J. HaoTsinghua
Life Cycle of Metals in Coal Combustion: Metal Release and Capture, Speciation in Flyash, and Transformations During Ash Reuse and Storage
Young-Shin Jun
D. GiammarWU
A. MehraIIT-Bombay
S. ShimadaU of Tokyo
Mechanisms and Kinetics of Multiphase Fluid-formation Mineral Reactions in CO2 Geologic Sequestration
Cynthia Lo
J. GleavesWU
G. YablonskyWU
M. DudukovicWU
M. SheintuchTechnion
Integrated Nanoscale Catalysts for the Conversion of CO2 to Chemicals and Fuels
Himadri Pakrasi
Y. TangWU
P. WangikarIIT-Bombay
Development of a Microalgal System for Carbon Dioxide Sequestration
P. A. Ramachandran
  Hydrodynamic and Internal Diffusion Effects in Chemical Looping Combustion
Shankar M.L. Sastry
R. SureshkumarWU
Y. NugrohoU. Indonesia
S. AstutiningsihU. Indonesia
R.C. PrasadIIT-Bombay
P. RohatgiU. Wisconsin
Utilization of Fly Ash for Fire-proof Geopolymer Resins and Aluminum and Polymer Matrix Composites for Aerospace and Automotive Applications