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Utilization of Fly Ash for Fire-proof Geopolymer Resins and Aluminum and Polymer Matrix Composites for Aerospace and Automotive Applications

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PI: Shankar M.L. Sastry, Washington University in St. Louis, Mechanical, Aerospace, and Structural Engineering Department
Co-PIs: R. Sureshkumar, Washington University in St. Louis; Yulianto Nugroho and Sotya Astutiningsih, University of Indonesia; R. C. Prasad, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay; Pradeep Rohatgi, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee


  • Mix fly ash with alkaline silicate solution and cure at moderate temperature to produce geoplymers
  • Fabricate Al-fly ash composites by melting and casting, and powder consolidation followed by equal channel angular processing (ECAP)
  • Develop process and performance models


  • Determine the feasibility of converting fly ash waste into valuable materials by utilizing fly ash as the precursor


  • Viable solution for fly ash management
  • Low cost light weight structural materials
  • Fire resistant geopolymers
Al-fly ash composite fabrication
Melting and casting

Melting and casting route

Al-fly ash composite fabrication

ECAP route


WU Engineering Bombay U. Indonesia U. Milwaukee